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Building Coffee Production Confidence For Small To Large Operations

When it comes to coffee production, keeping the plant running smoothly can be a challenge. Plant personnel often have several equipment manufacturers to coordinate with for support—this is time-consuming and can also impact the productivity of the plant. LSI’s dedicated coffee production team is changing that, and it starts with listening. Common concerns that we hear:

“We need support that is faster and more comprehensive.”
“We need help optimizing our existing process and equipment.”
“Our system needs to be improved with lot tracking and ERP integration.”
“The support we are receiving is too narrowly focused on one part of our plant.”
“We need help with networking and cybersecurity for our manufacturing process.”

By taking the time to clearly understand your unique coffee production challenges, we can put our combined 60+ years of roaster experience and 150+ years of coffee controls experience to work for you. Whether you have a single roaster or multiple roasters our goal is to be the one place for you to call for all your support and solutions.

Support That Counts

Roaster Control

LSI’s team provides roaster control design (including safety compliance) and installation for numerous roaster manufacturers. LSI has commissioned and tuned thousands of roasters and are eager to help you with your equipment. Additionally, when an advanced roaster control algorithm needs to be designed LSI has the expertise to:

  • Develop roasting profiles with up to 20 stages controlling time and temperature
  • Converting recipes from your existing roaster models to your next generation of roasters

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In addition to roaster control design and support, LSI provides training on roast profile development and preventive maintenance. This accelerates our customers’ internal maintenance and configuration process, ensuring a smoother operation and less downtime.

LSI Roaster HMI ScreenshotCPS is a comprehensive system that incorporates the production, recipe and lot tracking data that is needed to run a successful coffee production plant. This modular and scalable system is highly integrated with the control system providing maximum flexibility and robustness. CPS has tremendous flexibility in creating and maintaining recipes. We provide secure remote access, the ability to deployment to multiple sites, all while remaining integrated into a single database. This provides full visibility into the entire product life cycle.

Visit our Coffee Production System page for detailed information.

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